My name is Ursula Graber.

Dancer - Choreographer - Dance educator

Ursula Graber
Ursula Graber

About Ursula

She studied Contemporary Dance with a focus on Creation and Dance Education, at Anton Bruckner University in Linz (AT) and at La Manufacture in Lausanne (CH).

During her studies she worked with various artists like Thomas Hauert, Fabrice Mazliah, Jeremy Nelson, Martin Kilvady, David Zambrano, Mal Pelo, Àngels Margarit and Michael Turinsky, and others.. Ursula performed not only in Austria at various places (Graz: Mumuth, Schauspielhaus, La Strada; Linz: Kunstuni, Raumschiff, KAPU; Wien: raw matters, Brick-15), but also at the swiss Festival STEPS, in Paris at the Centre National de la Danse (CND) as well as in Spain, Girona (Centre Civic Ter).

2019, she received the Startstipendium for music and performing arts, a famous scholarship from the Austrian federal ministry for EU, arts and culture. Today, she lives and works as well in Graz (AT) as in Girona (Catalonia, Spain).

In her performances, she works with various topics like feminism, language and identity - topics, which concern her personally. For her work, she takes on a sociological perspective and uses her great sense of humor, sensuality and skilled physicality, to create her own performances.

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...That's also her motto on stage: plunge into adventure and experiment. (Verena Schaupp, Kleine Zeitung)

"Her performances sparkle with refreshing naturalness, the dance skills, including a perfect dance technique, are superbly mastered."

“... I have seldom encountered so much playful carefreeness and curiosity in a dancer. Of course, this joy and desire are in stark contrast to the content to which she boldly and courageously turns in her stage works and performances.”

"And all this with a wink and a strong sense of wacky humor, which she knows how to use masterfully." (Mona May, artist, author, theater and dance maker)

Bàrbara Raubert (dramaturgy, Barcelona)
Ana Vivero (costume, Barcelona)
Karin Scaria-Braunstein (sociologist, Graz)
Pol Monsó Purtí (software developer, Girona)
Hanna Rohn (dramaturgy, Graz)
Lise Lendais (artistic accompaniment, Vienna)
Koko la Douce (artistic accompaniment, Vienna)
Tom Bergner (lighting and sound)
Lisa Raschhofer (lighting and sound)
Peter Spall (lighting and sound)
Fabian Czernovsky (cameraman, video editing)
Berta Monsó Purtí (video editing)
Edi Haberl, Clemens Nestroy, Neus Solà (photographers)
Diego Tamame Jiménez (composer)
Alpine Dweller (music group)
Eulàlia Purtí (actress)

Supported by:
City of Graz, State of Styria, Federal Government of Austria, Bildrecht GmbH, Theaterland Steiermark, Viertelfestival NÖ, Center cívic Ter, Das andere Theater Graz, laut!, spleen*trieb

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