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Dance Improv Workshop - Basics, Magic & Flow »
  • Ursula is highly professional and a great role model.

  • Highly recommended because the personal level is accepted but you are also motivated to learn new things.

  • Sweaty dance improvisations, very motivated and great workshop leader, great introduction to more movement ideas.*

  • This workshop is highly recommended because it is fun, inspiring and I was able to rediscover myself!

  • The 3 things that I liked the most: That it was about improvisation, your essence, very nice, the final minute of the solos (Nicolau)

  • The 3 things that I liked the most: The dynamics of the improvisation scores, the proposals of movement and awareness in each extremity combined with time, the minutes of individual improv at the end of each class (Leire)

  • The 3 things that I liked the most: It has helped me to be more aware, I have worked on new movements, I dared to do a solo in front of others (Adriana)

  • Ursula is super, varied classes, learning new things and dancing happily again! (Mariona)

  • I loved it! I have discovered that I have a body and that I can move it! Thank you! And we want more! (Belen)

  • This month has given me fresh air, new ideas, stirred and moved me. An express but deep course with very good information and research premises. I would recommend it to explore new spaces and textures in the body. To improve, more days! Thank you very much! (Paula)

  • Very cool. I liked the variety of things we have worked on. No class was similar to the previous one. What perhaps I liked the most was your cheerful attitude towards dance and fun. I really had a great time! Thank you (Mike)

  • Thank you! Ursula puts on a very good atmosphere and has a very nice energy!! I’ve had a great time and it’s helped me get over some embarrassment.

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