Starlight 'Killjoy' Coquelicot

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Between pleasure and frustration

Ursula Graber asks questions about feminism, emancipation of pleasure and role models. Inspired by critical feminist theories and burlesque dance, she creates a humorous and personal performance that invites wonder and reflection.

“Are all feminists killjoys?”

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About Starlight ‚Killjoy‘ Coquelicot

Invented by feminist theorist Sara Ahmed, the character KILLJOY openly addresses inequality in sexist and racist situations. Starlight Coquelicot is a burlesque dancer. She celebrates her female body, sensuality, lust and beauty. Starlight “Killjoy” Coquelicot, Ursula Graber’s onstage alter ego, possesses both traits. She combines intellectual feminism with the celebration of sensuality and physicality.
How can Starlight “Killjoy” Coquelicot be a killjoy and have fun through burlesque at the same time? This field of tension is at the center of the project and allows the artist to explore new possibilities of being a woman and to experiment with choreographic methods which normally are not part of contemporary dance.
And then Corona came: Alone at home with herself and a mirror, Ursula’s private space became a laboratory and playground, which is now being transferred to the stage. The stage as a “make-up table” - where, inspired by feminism and burlesque dance, experiments are carried out with external changes and playing with character traits - and the audience as a mirror substitute. At the same time, however, the artist also offers herself as a mirror for the viewers: everyone is invited to recognize themselves in her.


Concept, Performance, Choreography: Ursula Graber
Dramaturgy: Koko la Douce (Berlin)
Artistic advice: Lise Lendais (FR/Vienna)
Costume: Ana Vivero (Barcelona)
Lighting and sound engineering: Tom Bergner
Audience support: Laura Halb, Eva Ploder, Helgrit Hofmeister
Production & PR: Ursula Graber, Laura Halb
Residency: raw matters (Wien)
Photos: Edi Haberl, Clemens Nestroy
Trailer & Video: Fabian Czernovsky

Graz, 2020

Duration: 60 mins

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“It’s impressive what Graber conjures up and/or bangs on stage with remarkably powerful, self-confidently lascivious and (mostly covertly) sensitive-emotional femininity. It’s amusing, it gets under your skin and it also hurts. In any case, it makes a difference, this action which is “self-evident” and therefore credible action.”

„The diversity of what is addressed or even associated is a remarkable achievement when it comes to reducing the resources used; convincing in its straightforwardness, which is based on creative artistic ability.” (Eveline Koberg, dance critic) –>whole review here

“There’s a lot of play and pain in it. A person who has to be everything and has everything to cope with. But also flirting with it and enjoying it. Is tied up and must be anonymous. Getting dizzy i dizziness. A brilliant housewife queen. Buttoned up and twisted. Very strong and very brave.” (Karin Scaria-Braunstein, sociologist) –>whole reflection here


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