Mental Muscle

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Mental Muscle - performative walk with Ursula Graber & Hanna Rohn

Somewhere between mental effort, care work and diffuse risk awareness - that is Mental Load. The work behind the scenes. Or also: weightlifting for invisibility. A deeply feminine* sport. But where there is Mental Load, shouldn’t there also be Mental Muscle?

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About Mental Muscle

Mental Muscle is a performative walk at the friction points between movement, dance, installation and gender research that invites you to think, walk, carry and question.

Mental Load means having to think of everything - who thinks of that? Mental Load means emotional labour - who takes responsibility? Mental Load is invisible - most of the time. But sometimes the load shows up in real weights: “Women, for example, carry on average half a kilo of real luggage per day more than men. They literally carry things and people, but are still not considered the strongest,” Hanna Rohn illustrates. So shouldn’t women* have a Mental Muscle - invisible, but well trained and quite strong? “We want to make this mental muscle visible. On the one hand through objects that we load ourselves with, on the other hand through translation into movement and dance,” Ursula Graber characterises the performance.

- 13.09.23 17:00 in the frame of the festival NEWSoffSTYRIA, Graz, Austria
Follow-up performances:
- 14.09.23 17:00
- 16.09.23 11:00 & 17:00
- 17.09.23 17:00

Lendviertel Graz, outdoor, duration: 60 minutes


Concept, Performance: Ursula Graber, Hanna Rohn
Outside eye: Alina Stockinger/eléctrico28
Costume: Lisa Horvath
Production management: Christina Vanek, Ursula Graber, Hanna Rohn
Public relations: Veronika Rogenhofer
Photos: Edi Haberl
Video: Fabian Czernovsky

Duration: 60 min

The premiere happens in the frame of the festival NEWSoffSTYRIA on September 13th 2023 in Graz, Austria.

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