Woman Hood

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A dance performance solo in four images about extraordinary and idiosyncratic female personalities, the feminine and masculine. An attempt to create a feminist foundation on stage.

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About Woman Hood

The humorous dance performance Woman Hood explores different female worlds in four parts. She shows extraordinary and idiosyncratic female personalities who possess different types of power, who are “different” or simply step out of line. Simone de Beauvoir was of the opinion that people make themselves into something, no matter what gender, origin and skin color they have. This freedom of transformation is fully lived out in Woman Hood.

What does it mean to be a woman today? How should a woman be? How does she want to be? Is vulnerability the new strength? What distinguishes a sisterhood, a supportive network of women?

Inspired by Sara Ahmed’s book “Feminist Living!” (2017), the performance in the microcosm stage starts the attempt to create a feminist foundation based on strong female figures in a society that is still dominated by patriarchy. A magical stage world, with contemporary dance, elaborate costumes and rousing music: Woman Hood inspires and amazes.


Concept, Performance, Choreography: Ursula Graber
Dramaturgy: Hanna Rohn, Bàrbara Raubert
Costume: Ana Vivero
3D camera: Pol Monsó Purtí
Lighting and sound engineering: Lisa Raschhofer
Production & PR: Laura Halb, Ursula Graber
Cameraman: Fabian Czernovsky
Editing & Trailer: Berta Monsó Purtí
Photos: Clemens Nestroy, Edi Haberl

Graz 2021

Duration: 60 mins

With friendly support from


…Graber examines the feminine and the masculine in this ravishingly expressively danced solo and finds scratchy, self-confident femininity beyond the usual images, which multiplies on the screen behind her: complexity without fragmentation, what a great image. The fact that the performance is also fun is a big bonus point. (Ute Baumhackl, Kleine Zeitung)

A way of suing the body that convinces in these and many other, also quiet, finely executed passages and demonstrates expressive contemporary ability.

…all of this is gripping, touching and stirring in its almost impertinently unaesthetic way of presentation.

The sum of unusual (…) snippets of scenes (…), which are not directly relevant, but are all the more profound and ambiguous, accounts for the sustainability of this presentation, which was announced as humorous but is actually deeply serious and well thought out. (Eveline Koberg, tanz.at)

Graber is not afraid to be grotesque and abstract. Worth seeing! (Hanna Michaeler, Kronenzeitung)

> > Kritik von Ute Baumhackl auf KleineZeitung.at

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