Shooting stars and comets

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A group performance in public space as part of the spleen*trieb festival. With local performers and their movements as individuals and groups. Movements that are random on the one hand and follow clear rules on the other.

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About Shooting stars and comets

Group performance by Ursula Graber

When the organism of every living being makes itself independent, playful and courageous, then it happens: magic sets in - something inexplicable, wonderful, amazing. Beyond any logic and yet following a secret order. Small particles of a large whole hiss and slither, luminous and mysterious, following the laws of this game, and the mighty mass takes over the dynamic-steering tiller.

As part of the festival spleen*trieb 2020.


Concept, Choreography: Ursula Graber
Performance: Alex Binder, Michaela Hofer, Leo Rögner, Eva Scheibelhofer-Schroll, Michael Söllinger, Birgit Stummer, Erni Willrich, Ursula Graber
Outside eye: Veza Fernández
Video Editing: Berta Monsó Purtí
Cameraman: henx film production

Thanks to:
spleen festival Graz, spleen*trieb festival, Shopping Nord Graz, henx film production, das andere Theater, Graz

Graz 2020

Press reviews

“A look at a sky full of stars. Why do we do what we do? What happens without a reason, what processes in our life follow unknown laws? Shooting Stars and Comets challenges how we think about chance and rules.” (Valentin Bayer, Journalist) –>whole article (in german) here

“By observing unvarnished and undecorated movement in public space, it is possible to get in touch with oneself.” (Mona May, artist, author, director) –>whole article (in german) here

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