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This collective project is a mesmerizing dance performance with a trance-like atmosphere. A communal ritual of dance.

#community #ritual #tribe #trance #mystical #music #totem #unity #chaos #ecstasy

About Totem

Co-creation with Anais Kauer, Camilla Stanga & Hervé Scherwey

“Totem is an ethnological term for symbols or group insignia that represent a mythical-related connection between a person or a group and a specific natural phenomenon.” (Wikipedia)

This piece explores the potential transmission of a sense of community, family and tribe into movement, painting, music and light. Totem shows the loss of sanity and access to a ritual, trance-like realm.


Concept & Dancers: Ursula Graber, Anais Kauer, Hervé Scherwey, Camilla Stanga
Music: Kime Ne (Haydar Haydar) by Insanlar
Lights & Sound: Robin Dupuis, Céline Ribeiro
Artistic advice: Zoë Poluch
Anthropological advice: Claire de Ribaupierre
Manufacture, Lausanne 2017

Voices from the audience

“Fascinating how the four of you melt into one and form this hypnotic totem mandala. Just heads and arms in organic harmony - dissonance - polyphony. The centipede’s dancing prayer - photosynthesis on the sea floor - amorphous mass, primordial soup. Then the fragmentation into an escalating atom, jumping electrons. Reconstruction into an abstract image of man and the funny rap part that simply carries you along rhythmically. Back to neutral and then the flash recap: one unit, it tears you apart, centering and bang, I wake up before the totem from a wild hallucination. A real treat!!” (Ems Sakata, Physiotherapist)

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