Snowshoeing / Geile Scheiße

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A dark dance performance accompanied by snowy landscape projections and music composed by Diego Jiménez Tamame. The basic atmosphere is oppressive, with moments of humor flashing up.

#dark #oppressive #snowshoeing #electronic music #gloomy #movement qualities #anger #externally controlled #power #resignation

About Snowshoeing/geile Scheisse

This is the second collaboration with composer Diego Jiménez Tamame.

The movement research is based on two opposing emotional states: on the one hand diseases of civilization such as burnout and depression, on the other hand balancing activities such as snowshoeing and spending time in nature in general.


Concept & Danz: Ursula Graber

Music: Diego Jiménez Tamame

Sound & Light: Ian Lecoultre, Céline Ribeiro

Artistic advice: Grégory Stauffer, Natacha Koutchoumov, Philippe Saire

Anthropological advice: Claire de Ribaupierre

La Manufacture, Lausanne


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