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Three different disciplines - contemporary dance, electronic music and 3D visuals - meet and communicate with each other using digital technologies.

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About Trilogue

Trilogue is the first collaboration between composer Diego Jiménez Tamame, visual media designer Pol Monsó Purtí and Ursula Graber. A 3D camera records the movements of the dancer and reproduces them live. In addition, the movements of the dancer influence the live music through the technological bracelet MYO. A “trilogue” between visuals, movements and music - and the questioning of technology in our everyday lives.


Concept: Ursula Graber, Diego Jiménez Tamame, Pol Monsó Purtí

Dancer: Ursula Graber

Live Music: Diego Jiménez Tamame

Visuals: Pol Monsó Purtí

Lights & Sound: Ulrich Gladisch, Ralf Beyer

Artistic advise: Lisa Como

Thanks to the Mumuth of the Graz University of Art Mumuth Graz 2017


“It’s a good thing that there was also a reminiscence of our digital world - after all, it was not only very well done, but also stimulating and open enough for different interpretations.” Eveline Koberg, dance critic

Article by dance critic Eveline Koberg (in german)

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